NEW DELHI:  The new admission cycle for graduate courses in Oxford University will begin today for the 2018-19 batch. Oxford University's graduate students represent many countries and cultures, and are from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. At present there are 386 Indian students enrolled at the University in various courses and 144 Indian nationals make up the academic staff on campus. 
The intake Oxford University is less but the competition is high which is why students applying to the university need to be on the top of their game. 
The admission to Oxford University is not through some entrance exam but on the basis of the entry requirements, statement of purpose, paper or essay submitted by the applicant and possibly an interview.
According to the statistics published by Oxford University, applications for graduate study have increased by 125% since 2005. The total number of applications in the 2015-16 entry year was 24,645, compared to 21,683 for 2014-15 entry. Among them 8,602 applications (34.9%) were for graduate research degrees and 16,043 were for graduate taught degrees (65.1%). 
The total number of acceptances in the 2015-16 admissions year was 5,312.
In the same year, 6,288 applications (25.5%) came from UK citizens; 4,725 (19.2%) from EU (non-UK) citizens and 13,632 (55.3%)from Non-EU citizens. From these applications, 1,936 acceptances (36.5%) were from UK citizens, 1,149 (21.5%) from EU (non-UK) citizens and 2,227 (42%) from Non-EU citizens.

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